“I’ve been involved in a number of songwriting contests, won some, lost some but in my experience I have never been involved in a contest that was run more professionally and more fairly than this one.”                                                                                                                         John Visconti, NY 

“Just a note to congratulate you on setting up this type of format for your song contests. I just found out I did not make the (finals) but I really felt that the songs picked were excellent and deserve to go on… WAY TO GO!”                                                                                     Pat Nelson, SASK

Contest Rules

The Next Holiday Classic Contest Rules


Contest Rules


  • The Next Holiday Classic (TNHC) song contest is open to all songwriters, lyricists and composers. Entries must be written or co-written by entrant. Songs must not be signed with a publisher. All entries submitted must be original songs and shall not infringe any copyrights or any other rights of any third parties. Songs may have multiple co-writers, but only one name should be designated on the entry form. That name, here forward designated as "Entrant" shall, by entering, indemnify and hold TNHC harmless from and against any claims inconsistent with the foregoing.


  • Entrants may submit up to three (3) original recorded songs online to be considered for the contest. MP3 file format required. Songs lyrics and songwriter credits must be included. Lyrics must be in English and should be of a winter holiday theme. TNHC does not give feedback or critique to entrants.


  • Preliminary screening of all entries for lyrics, melody, composition, originality, and performance will be done by TNHC. Thirty (30) entries will be accepted and placed in one of three weekly semi-finals. Each semi-final will include ten (10) songs. Deadline for song entries is August 1, 2016.


  • Entrants agree to allow The Next Holiday Classic Song Contest, and its parent company, The Kalliergo Group the rights to use their song, video or any other media included in their submission in the promotion and advertising of the contest in perpetuity.


  • The semi-finals will be held the consecutive weeks of November 26, December 3, and December 10, 2017. The three (3) songs receiving the most online votes in each weekly semi-final plus one additional wild card entry, chosen by TNHC, will advance to the final, to be held beginning December 17, and running through midnight December 23, 2014. In the final, online votes will count for 75% of the judging, while TNHC judges’ voting will count for 25%. The three finalists receiving the most votes will be declared first, second and third place winners and be announced , December 24, 2016. TNHC will use its best efforts to announce the winners at the designated time, but will not be held liable for any unforeseen delays. Note: Voters will be limited to one ballot per day.


  •  The Entrant agrees to allow The Next Holiday Classic permission to offer their song for sale as a digital download purchase at TNHC website during the term of the contest, November 21 - December 31 2017. In exchange, TNHC agrees to pay the Entrant 50% of all sales revenues.  This payment will be made through PayPal.  If, at that time, the   writer(s) and TNHC agree, the term may be extended. It is the responsibility of the Entrant to forward any payments due to other writers credited on the song.





                1st place winner: 

                  1.  Professional Song Promotion to Major Artists/Producers through 2018

                  2.  Title Track of TNHC 2017 Winners Compilation - Distributed through Amazon and iTunes

                  3.  Professional Website and Hosting

                  4.  Press Release Announcing The Winners of TNHC To 200 Media Outlet Sites 

                  5.  Submissions to Film and Television Music Supervisors

                  6.  Lyric-style Video Production and Ranking on Youtube

                  7.  Social Media Promotion   


                 2nd place winner: 

                  1.  Inclusion in TNHC 2017 Winners Compilation - Distributed through Amazon and iTunes

                  2.  Professional Website and Hosting

                  3.  Press Release Announcing The Winners of TNHC To 200 Media Outlet Sites

                  4.  Submissions to Film and Television Music Supervisors

                  5.  Lyric-style Video Production and Ranking on Youtube

                  6.  Social Media Promotion            


                 3rd Place Winner: 

                 1.  Inclusion in TNHC 2017 Winners Compilation - Distributed through Amazon and iTunes 

                  2.  Professional Website and Hosting

                  3.  Press Release Announcing The Winners of TNHC To 200 Media Outlet Sites 

                  4.  Submissions to Film and Television Music Supervisors

                  5.  Lyric-style Video Production and Ranking on Youtube

                  6.  Social Media Promotion


Winners will be notified by email or phone and will be required to sign a single song agreement as set out below. Entry constitutes permission to use winners' name, likeness, video, song and voice for future advertising, promotion and publicity purposes without additional compensation.


All prizes will be awarded to the first name as it appears on the entry form, and division of  prizes among co-writers is the responsibility of the winners. All federal, state, and local taxes and customs fees, when applicable, are the sole responsibility of winner. TNHC will use its best efforts to send prizes out in a reasonable time frame. If a winner has not received their prizes within 90 days and has not responded to TNHC communication, TNHC will no longer be responsible for delivery of prizes.


IMPORTANT!  Winners Agree:


  • The First, Second and Third Place winners agree to allow AHIA Music, (ASCAP) the publisher of TNHC, the exclusive right to utilize the various means available to promote and license the song among artist and media outlets for a minimum period of 2 years. Writer(s)/copyright holders agree to execute the terms of the Single-Song Agreement found here.


  • Entrant and/or their parents or legal guardian (if such entrant is a minor) agrees to be bound by all terms of these official TNHC Rules and Regulations as established herein. If any part of these Rules and Regulations are held to be void, invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the remaining Rules and Regulations. These Rules and Regulations have been made in the State of Ohio, and the laws of the State of Ohio will govern the validity, construction and effect of them.


  • The municipal, state and federal courts located in the County of Franklin, State of Ohio will have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes brought and maintained under these Rules and Regulations and the parties submit themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction for such purposes.


  • In the event that Entrant violates any of these Rule and Regulations, suit will be brought in the jurisdiction stated above and Entrant will be responsible for all court costs and attorney fees.


  • TNHC reserves the right to cancel the contest due to lack of qualified entries and other circumstances beyond its control.





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